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Exploring The Desert Dunes Of The UAE

exploring the desert dunes of the uae

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ they say, and here at Chasing Zest we truly believe in the power of an image. Every Sunday, we will bring to you a unique photograph taken by various different contributors. It may be a desert sunset, an action-packed scene from the water’s edge, or a quiet moment in the outdoors somewhere in the world; either way, we hope that it inspires you to plan your next trip or to get involved. Continue Reading

Cycling Expert Advice Yoga

Yoga Poses For Cyclists

Cycling is perhaps one of the more pleasant outdoor activities during the summer months here in the UAE. Creating your own breeze as you make your way around Al Qudra at sunrise means that there’s a cooling effect that…

Inspiration Interviews & Stories

Interview | Myrna Saliba

Every week, Chasing Zest will interview people whose stories serve to inspire others. These people have well and truly stepped outside of their own unique comfort zones and have achieved incredible things. This week, we are privileged to introduce…