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Eid Al Adha 2017: Active Breaks From The UAE

As summer begins to draw to a close and families return to the UAE in preparation for a new school year, many of us are looking forward to the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays. This is a chance to enjoy some time outside of the UAE before the better weather starts to present itself, along with the dawning of the outdoor season, which of course we are super excited for! If you haven’t made plans for Eid Al Adha yet, check out these active breaks from the UAE. We hope that the destinations below will inspire you to visit somewhere unfamiliar. Happy travelling!

Active Breaks From The UAE ~ Slovenia

If you’re looking for a country that has a wealth of activities to offer, look no further than Slovenia. If you’re travelling with children, Bohinj Adrenaline Park is suitable for the entire family, with a range of high ropes as well as a giant swing. Meanwhile, over at Soča Fun Park, there’s river rafting and zip lines that are bound to be fun for everybody.

If you’re after something a little more extreme, Slovenia is home to some phenomenal mountain ranges that are ideal for climbers of all abilities. There are also plenty of Via Ferratas for those who are brave enough!

active breaks from the uae

Getting to Slovenia from the UAE is not as complicated as it may seem. One option is to fly with Emirates directly from Dubai to Zagreb in Croatia, and then to drive across. The drive itself should take no more than a couple of hours, but do bear in mind that it involves a border crossing. Specific documents may also be required, so it is best to check in advance. You can also take a train between the two cities.

One of our top tips would be to check out Lake Bled. As well as being a site to behold, there are plenty of activities on offer, such as hiking, biking, watersports and canyoning.

Active Breaks From The UAE ~ The Maldives

Ok, you are forgiven for thinking that something is slightly amiss here. Afterall, aren’t The Maldives where you go when you don’t want to do anything? True, this island paradise is perfect for getting away from it all and doing nothing but moving from your room to the restaurant…but there’s actually plenty to do if you choose the right resort.

Firstly, most resorts offer diving or snorkelling. With an abundance of marine life and mild water, even those who don’t hold the necessary certification to scuba dive will still discover a whole new world not far from the surface.

There are also other water-based activities to try. Paddleboarding is one of our favourites. If you’re lucky enough to have a water villa, you can even head out straight from your balcony! Choose your location wisely, and you may even be able to surf as well.

active breaks from the uae

Getting to The Maldives from Dubai is super easy. Simply take a direct flight to Male’ with either Emirates or FlyDubai, and from there travel by boat or seaplane to your resort. Even if you don’t make it to The Maldives this Eid, we would certainly recommend a trip some day. After all, when are you ever going to be only a four-hour flight away again?

Active Breaks From The UAE ~ Cyprus

Cyprus has seen an increased number of visitors from the region so far this year, and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s within five hours of the UAE and offers plenty of sunshine (but cooler temperatures), sparkling blue seas, and plenty of places to explore. Foodies will also love the array of fresh cuisine.

Outdoor activities to enjoy include various different watersports, horse riding, hiking, exploring the mountains and cycling or quad biking. We personally love the thought of trail running down to the beach before enjoying a dip in the Mediterranean.

active breaks from the uae

If you do over exert yourself, there’s also plenty of culture and history in which to immerse yourself, such as Kourion or the painted Churches of Troödos. And of course, there are some pretty nice wineries as well…

Active Breaks From The UAE ~ Kyrgyzstan

Located along the Silk Road that links China with the Mediterranean, Kyrgyzstan may not be at the top of your list when considering an active break from the UAE. But bear with us, because it should be. Firstly, 60 nationalities, including British passport holders, do not need a visa to enter Kyrgyzstan for up to 60 days. This is great news, as some of the neighbouring ‘stan’ countries can prove to be quite problematic where visas are concerned. Secondly, it’s great for those who are on a budget, and thirdly, mass tourism hasn’t yet taken off, meaning it’s the perfect destination for those who want to head off the beaten track a little.

active breaks from the uae

Getting to Kyrgyzstan is simple with a relatively short flight time of four hours from Dubai to Bishkek with FlyDubai. Once there, mountains and lakes await with activities such as horse riding, hiking, heli-skiing, ice-climbing and rafting to keep you occupied.

Active Breaks From The UAE ~ Crete

Similar to Cyprus, the Greek Island of Crete offers so much to do in terms of exploration; from trekking stunning gorges to investigating ancient history in the ruined palace of Knossos.

One of our favourite things to do is visit Samaria Gorge, located on the west of the island. At 16km long, it is one of the longest canyons in Europe, affording truly spectacular views and plenty of flora and fauna. Elsewhere on the island, there are mountain biking tours, nature walks and horse riding on offer at various different outlets.

active breaks from the uae

Getting to Crete from the UAE involves a flight to Athens from either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. From there, a local carrier such as Olympic Air will transport you to Heraklion, the capital of the island.

Have you ever been to any of the above places? What are your Eid plans? Let us know your thoughts on active travel below…do you like to keep busy or do you prefer to relax? Check out our other active travel features here.

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    Vanessa > Wanders Miles
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    Lovely article, some fantastic ideas there. I am heading off to Nepal for a jam-packed activity trip in Pokhara. We will start the day with yoga/meditation then get involved with trekking, rafting, mountain-biking, paragliding, canyoning and more! So excited 🙂

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      Rachael Bruford
      August 26, 2017 at 2:38 pm

      That sounds great! Love the sound of those days. Have a great time and let us know how you get on!

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