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How To Adventure Series: Overcoming Fear When Climbing

Today we are back with another update from Emily Fitzgerald, who has recently launched a YouTube channel via which she aims to document ’51 Adventures’; namely, an adventure a week for a year with a week off! In addition to this, she has also begun filming a number of videos based on the theme of “How to Adventure”.  For those of you who are keen to try new experiences but are a little wary about starting, we hope that Emily’s honest and informative video diaries will give you the courage to get out there and give new experiences a try.

In her latest adventure, Emily goes ice climbing before navigating some pretty intimidating rocks. 

overcoming fear when climbing

Overcoming Fear When Climbing

Emily is currently camping in Chamonix and has been making the most of the unique opportunities the region has to offer during her stay. In one of her most recent videos, we join Emily as she begins an ice climb, going over her equipment and the essentials that she needs to stay safe. There are some pretty scary sights as Emily crosses the ice, which certainly made our hearts skip a beat!

Once she has traversed the ice, Emily begins a climb up steep rocks. It is clear from the video that the climb is exhausting and more than a little terrifying. There is certainly no way that we can ever imagine doing something like this. But then, life is all about pushing your perceived boundaries and conquering fear. Perhaps it is exactly what scares us the most that we should go out and do?

Tune in to Emily’s video below.

You can see more of Emily’s video adventures and ‘How to’ series by clicking this link. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Emily’s next adventure and remember that you can also follow her on Instagram.

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