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Deepwater Soloing In Dibba By Tonya Colson

deepwater soloing in dibba

Image taken by Tonya Colson.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ they say, and here at Chasing Zest we truly believe in the power of an image. Every Sunday, we will bring to you a unique photograph taken by various different contributors. It may be a desert sunset, an action-packed scene from the water’s edge, or a quiet moment in the outdoors somewhere in the world; either way, we hope that it inspires you to plan your next trip or to get involved.

Deepwater Soloing In Dibba

Deepwater soloing is basically free soloing, but you’re doing it above water. Free soloing is rock climbing without a rope. A lot of non-climbers confuse it with free climbing. Free climbing is climbing a rock with your hands and feet, but you have a rope for protection in case you fall. When you free solo, falling is not an option.

This description of deepwater soloing by Mark Synnott pretty much sums up what is going on in Tonya Colson’s capture above. Whilst it may look dangerous (we’ve never tried it, but often wonder if we could summon up the courage), deepwater soloing gives climbers the opportunity to climb without ropes and really test themselves. When the climber falls, they are protected by the water beneath them, meaning that they are able to test themselves on difficult routes, safe in the knowledge that falling will generally not lead to injury.

You can follow Tonya’s Instagram account, which features amazing outdoor action captures that are guaranteed to make you want to plan your next adventure! Whilst you’re there, check out her Facebook and visit her website here for more outdoor adventure and lifestyle shots.

If you would like to contribute an image, please email, ensuring that your image is of high quality and at least 740 pixels wide. We also encourage you to tell us the story behind the photograph. Chasing Zest will be in touch if your submission is successful.

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