Chasing Zest’s mission is to encourage our readers to embrace an active, outdoor lifestyle. To do this, we rely a lot on our audience and team, who contribute motivating stories and reports from a huge range of activities.

Our experts are an extension of this idea of community involvement, with the difference being that they are fully qualified in their respective fields. After all, it’s important to us that our readers receive only the best advice from professionals with a wealth of experience.

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Heidi Jones ~ Nutrition & Wellness

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When we first met Heidi, we were left feeling inspired by her positive attitude and dynamic work ethic.

As an Integrative Health Coach (CHC), Certified International Health Coach (CIHC) and member of the International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC), Heidi formed her own company, Heidi Jones Coaching, in 2015.

Heidi gives her clients the tools needed to overcome the personal barriers that have been preventing them from achieving their health goals. Viewing wellbeing as a ‘whole’ and providing unique, individualised support, she inspires them to embrace overall wellness by integrating a nutrient rich diet, whilst helping them to improve their emotional wellbeing and physical health.

Her clients walk away with much more than the knowledge of healthy eating; they become empowered, confident and motivated to achieve life-long health and happiness. It is therefore not surprising that she is also a motivational Brand Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Dubai!

In true Chasing Zest spirit, Heidi is never afraid to push her boundaries and challenge herself physically and mentally; in recent years she has progressed from running 5km road races to 72km mountain races across the globe. She also competes in cross-fit and obstacle events. Go Heidi!

Sam Wright ~ Fitness & Lifestyle

Chasing Zest first met Sam during a Flybarre class a couple of years ago. With her obvious enthusiasm and positive attitude, we just knew that she would make an awesome fitness and lifestyle expert.

Sam has always been into sport and keeping active, having played Lacrosse for North England and Yorkshire throughout school and university. She moved to Dubai in 2012 to continue her passion for an active life and to work as a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. Sam specialises in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Nutrition, Corrective Exercise & Rehab, Sports Massage, Pre and Postnatal and Theta Healing, and is able to develop online training programs for clients…Giving her a very impressive list of qualifications!

Helping her clients to physically, mentally and holistically ‘Get Fit for Life’, Sam believes that achieving long-term personal health and fitness goals doesn’t just happen in the gym or with exercise; it encompasses lifestyle choices too.

She can be found at Sam Wright Fitness, helping people throughout the UAE to make positive lifestyle changes. You can also follow her on Instagram, where you will find plenty of fitness inspiration and healthy recipe ideas.

Sam believes….”The most important thing in life is always being yourself. Never change for anyone. What you do and how you look may not suit everyone, but to others, you are their perfect match. Never give up and always strive to reach your goals and beyond.”

Tegan Fern ~ Yoga & Pilates 

Originally studying as a dancer, Tegan has always found movement to be very expressive. Performing from a young age, she had a love and passion for flowing and stretching.

Tegan originally discovered yoga whilst studying Dance and Culture at University in the U.K and fell in love with the calmness and clarity yoga brought to her daily life. She has a strong belief that yoga can be used as a therapy to nurture the body whilst building strength and flexibility, releasing any anxiety and stress her clients may carry around with them.

Tegan is also a fully qualified primary school teacher who has partaken in children yoga training as well as gaining her 200hr YTA in Bali. Having worked with children for many years, she believes it to be vital to educate people about mindfulness from a young age.

Having always been drawn to a healthy lifestyle, Tegan has explored many different fitness avenues over the years. In 2014 she ran the London Marathon and the following year the RAK Half Marathon. Moving to Dubai in 2013, she found balance amongst the fast paced lifestyle by practicing yoga, where she could focus on the tranquility of the present moment and develop deeper self-love.

Tegan’s personal practice includes Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa, and Yin, however, she has developed her teaching style into Vinyasa Flow where she can be more creative and adaptive. You can expect to experience a fusion of modern and traditional yoga poses within her classes. When she is not doing yoga you can find Tegan walking her dogs, cooking or down the beach.

You can follow Tegan’s incredible Instagram account here and also read her latest updates on her blog here.

The LightHouse Center Arabia ~ Mental Health & Wellbeing

We are thrilled to have the team at The LightHouse Center For Wellbeing on board as the Chasing Zest experts for mental health and wellbeing. 

The LightHouse Arabia is a community mental health and wellness clinic providing quality psychological and psychiatric care to children, adults, couples, and families. Located in central Dubai, The LightHouse brings together an international team of licensed psychologists and psychiatrists offering a range of treatments.

The LightHouse is also home to the Raymee Grief Center, which provides free grief support services to anyone living in the UAE. Dually licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Community Development Authority (CDA), The LightHouse was founded in 2011 by clinical psychologists Dr. Saliha Afridi and Dr. Tara Wyne, whose shared mission and vision is to make the region happier and healthier.

Articles by The LightHouse will focus on the positive impact of exercise and spending time outdoors. Whilst by no means a cure for mental health issues, we hope that our readers will feel the benefit of an active, outdoor lifestyle both physically and emotionally.

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