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Exploring The Desert Dunes Of The UAE

exploring the desert dunes of the uae

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ they say, and here at Chasing Zest we truly believe in the power of an image. Every Sunday, we will bring to you a unique photograph taken by various different contributors. It may be a desert sunset, an action-packed scene from the water’s edge, or a quiet moment in the outdoors somewhere in the world; either way, we hope that it inspires you to plan your next trip or to get involved.

Exploring The Desert Dunes Of The UAE

When was the last time you felt truly free?

I hope you find that place again soon.

~ Kiana Azizian

There’s something about the rolling desert dunes that we simply never get tired of. For a place that has a reputation as being devoid of life and desolate, there’s actually an awful lot to see. From the tracks of birds, gazelle, and other creatures, to plant life trying to make its way in the world, the desert is a master of trickery; it fools you into thinking that nothing exists, and yet so much does. 

Our favourite times to experience the desert are at sunrise and sunset. At sunset, an eerie silence descends, and a shift seems to take place, as if the whole world is about to pause, just for a moment. The sun, slinking beneath the horizon, reveals its power by becoming absent as night falls and the temperature plummets.

Sunrise brings with it promise and hope, and in the desert, you really get a feel for the forces of nature. A beautiful morning awakening that breathes life into your veins, but also warns of the scorching, harsh conditions ahead.

So, the next time you need some clarity, to feel small amongst the workings of nature, head to the desert. There, you’ll begin to believe that anything is possible.

If you would like to contribute an image, please email, ensuring that your image is of high quality and at least 740 pixels wide. We also encourage you to tell us the story behind the photograph. Chasing Zest will be in touch if your submission is successful.


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