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How To Adventure Series: How To Run The Desert Dunes

Today on Chasing Zest, we are super excited to announce the launch of a mini-series! Keen readers may remember that last month we featured an interview with Emily Fitzgerald, who turned to the outdoors, and in particular to the mountains, in order to cope with the sad loss of her Father.

how to run the desert dunes

Well, it turns out that Emily has quite the adventure planned over the next few weeks and months, and we are lucky enough to get share the experience with her. Emily has launched a YouTube channel via which she aims to document ’51 Adventures’; namely, an adventure a week for a year with a week off! In addition to this, she has also begun filming a number of videos based on the theme of “How to Adventure”.  For those of you who are keen to try new experiences but are a little wary about starting, we hope that Emily’s honest and informative video diaries will give you the courage to get out there and give new experiences a try.

How To Run The Desert Dunes

Emily’s first video is all about how to run the desert dunes. Whether you are a seasoned road runner who wants to try something a little different or if you just want to discover fun ways to improve your fitness, running the dunes is the perfect way to get out amongst nature and escape the noise of the city for a little while. It is also a pretty intense workout, which of course you can manage by picking a dune that is aligned with your current level of fitness and experience. For this video, Emily headed out to Al Qudra, which is a perfect place to start as it is not too remote but still gives the feeling of being immersed in nature.

Watch the video and be sure to subscribe to Emily’s channel. You can also check Chasing Zest for regular updates. And of course, do let us know if these videos inspire you to get out there and try something new!

You can see more of Emily’s video adventures and ‘How to’ series by clicking this link. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Emily’s next adventure!

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