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Summiting A 4000m Mountain With Emily Fitzgerald

Back again with another video is our intrepid explorer, Emily Fitzgerald. Emily has recently launched a YouTube channel via which she aims to document ’51 Adventures’; namely, an adventure a week for a year with a week off! In addition to this, she has also begun filming a number of videos based on the theme of “How to Adventure”.  For those of you who are keen to try new experiences but are a little wary about starting, we hope that Emily’s honest and informative video diaries will give you the courage to get out there and give new experiences a try.

Read on to find out about Emily’s latest challenge: summiting the 4000-metre Weissmies mountain in Switzerland.

summiting weissmies mountain

Summiting Weissmies Mountain With Emily Fitzgerald

In today’s video, Emily heads to Switzerland to climb Weissmies, a 4000-metre mountain in the Pennine Alps. As she explains in the video, this is a slightly different type of climbing to Emily’s previous climb, as Weissmies is a snowy peak that hides a number of crevasses. Therefore, knowing how to work the rope is very important. For example, keeping the rope long means that if one person falls down a crevasse, the other person should hopefully stay put and be able to assist their partner in getting out. In addition to this, there are also seracs, which are huge blocks of ice that can collapse or fall without warning, proving to be very dangerous for mountaineers.

Watch Emily’s fascinating video below and learn how coming down from the summit can be just as dangerous as going up in the first place…

You can see more of Emily’s video adventures and ‘How to’ series by clicking this link. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Emily’s next adventure and remember that you can also follow her on Instagram.

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